Proper maintenance of parquet

Parquet, as an enduring flooring of the best quality, also requires proper maintenance so to keep its splendor and endurance.

It is not recommended to clean the parquet with water and cleansers for a period of one month right after installing and lacquering. Carpets, rugs or mats should not be placed in this period, too.

You should place your furniture some ten days after lacquering. In order to prevent scratching of parquet, it would be useful to stick the furniture legs with protective pads.

Everyday parquet cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner with a soft cleaner head or soft cloth. Please be sure that the proportion of water and cleanser is in accordance with the manual (if you use cleanser) and please do not use wet cloth.

Parquet, as flooring, should not be exposed to water and moisture, so try to always protect it from that. Please do not use rough brushes and cleansers which are not intended for parquet maintenance.

It is desirable to periodically polish the parquet with the water-based wax emulsion, so it would remain shiny as long as possible.

We hope you will take these advices into consideration and enjoy the beauty and shine of your parquet for a long period of time.