Hardwood flooring, plank flooring/peasant under, or prefinished solid strip flooring is absolutely a choice which brings an outstanding beauty and uniqueness of wood into your home, hence making the complete space natural, warm and comfortable. Clients choosing hardwood as flooring actually get a reliable, enduring and beautiful flooring, which seems to become a part of the family, because with proper installation and maintenance generations may use it. Oak is an ideal wood for this kind of flooring. We can differentiate four classes of hardwood floorings in our offer:


The elegance of this superior oak floor will certainly highlight a stylish and modern space. Equable color, permissible
healthy tree nodes,up to 5 millimeters in diameter, without bumps, cracks and irregular texture.


In a delicate way it carries in a touch of nature into your protected, private zone. Slight variances in color, unlimited healthy knots in natural wood color, up to two puttied/healthy knots of 10mm diameter, at each length meter.


Moderate variances in color, sapwood in traces, unlimited tiny knots, up to two puttied/healthy knots of up to 25mm diameter, at each length meter, surface cracks.


For those who want their floorings to have a dominant line by depicting a specific rustic effect. Unlimited variance in color, sapwood, unlimited tiny knots, healthy and puttied up to 80mm diameter, surface cracks, puttied, up to 50mm.