Two-layer floors are floors made of two types of wood, in our case 4mm and 3mm thick high quality oak sheet and waterproof birch plywood by renowned manufacturer, with total thickness of 14mm and 16mm.

Two-layer floors can be installed on any well-made substrate, are less susceptible to mild changes compared to other solid floors and are recommended in rooms with underfloor heating. Their great advantage lies in that they can be made in a fairly large selection of widths and lengths, according to the customer's wishes, and are recommended in large sizes.

In this case they are classified in 3 classes of the following description:

Prime Select

Floor surface relatively uniform in color, without knots and sapwood, without filled defects, with allowed lumps up to 3 mm in wood color as well as slight discoloration and oscillations in rings.

Classic Natur

Floor surface with a slightly more pronounced texture (rings), a small difference in color without sapwood with allowed filled defects, up to 10 mm dark lumps and a limited number of up to 10 mm healthy lumps in wood color.

Country Rustic

Floor surface with somewhat rougher texture and a larger difference in color, filled defects, with dark knots in wood color, without sapwood and cracks.

Two-layer floors by sizes and characteristics:
• Thickness 14mm and 16mm
• Profiling (groove and tongue) 4 beveled edges micro-phased
• Humidity 7% +/- 2
• Tread layer (4mm and 3mm)
• Bottom layer plywood / birch
• Filling * Woca (Denmark) filler
• Types (oak and birch)
• Final grinding P120 / P150
• Final treatment :
* Oiling - varnishing - brushing
• Underfloor heating; Installation allowed
• Packaging * Shrink film.