The world of wood flooring is diverse, therefore it is sometimes very difficult to make the right choice between the different qualities and types of wood that are on the market. We also need to think carefully about the sizes and dimensions of the parquet itself that we will choose for our space. Here too, the offer is colorful so that you can find exactly the products that will satisfy the most demanding and refined needs and tastes.

We are aware of the fact that it is not easy to choose the best parquet for your living space, especially if we have in mind that the quality of Parquet depends on the quality of the atmosphere of your home. So we decided to give you some advice that can help you choose.

First you need to know in which room you want to place the parquet. In fact, there is no universally perfect dimension and type of Parquet. The ideal parquet is the one that will give you the best flexibility and stability. When its color and warmth match your space and the furniture you own, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. We advise:

Our product-the highest quality oak parquet, as your perfect choice.

Oak parquet – ideal solution

Oak is a tree that over time proved to be the status tree that people first opted for, primarily because it is generally one of the hardest types of wood that are used for flooring, except for exotics such as masarnduba and teak, which are mostly used for outdoor use.

Oak has excellent flexibility and longevity compared to the years, it does not change color, but even if it changes, the change is very small, in fact minor.

Oak flooring is extremely resistant to mechanical and physical damage, it suffers a lot, which is very important for the floor. Oak has an advantage over Cherry, Linden, Birch, grab and some other soft wood species whose resistance is significantly lower. In practice, Oak has proven to be the most promising form of wood that is used most in the people, because in general, simply put, people love it the most. Unlike ash , which opens a room, oak does not have this characteristic, but on the contrary, it can optically even reduce the space itself due to its natural pattern, which of course can be more or less intense depending on the class you choose.

It is also important to note that oak parquet has the longest life, i.e. warranty. It lasts at least 20 or up to 30 years without repairs and interventions if properly maintained, without any major damage or damage.

Oak kettle

Kitnjak is an oak tree that has an extremely small size and that literally looks beautiful on the floor. There are also a lot of glitters in its pattern, and these are core rays that are refracted through the slats and that is the most beautiful thing from the tree. It’s a little bit harder than a spinner.

Holm oak

Holm oak is mostly planted with the purpose of later being used in some furniture industry because by its characteristic it is a little softer than the knitwear. So in Oak we have a division into harder and softer, but it is important to mention that the Oak is again harder than other soft wood species that we mentioned earlier in the text.

Oak parquet stock

Through the years of Use and use of oak wood, its quantity and stock in our region began to become less and therefore oak parquet made of the highest quality oak logs begins to represent a privileged product. You can definitely say it’s the best park.

It’s only a matter of days before we lose him in our territory. Then we will definitely have to start importing oak from some other countries. Although it is important to say that our quality is peerless compared to Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian. We are only competitive in terms of quality.

Have questions about choosing the best flooring? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is at your disposal.