Oak wood is a very respected technical wood and is widely used. It is well processed by machines. Oak wood dries well, but because of the cracks appearance it requires slow drying. The color is light golden-brown. Oak wood is refined, shiny, with flat wood grain, not always straight, sometimes curly. Wooden boards are very big. It is very good for adhesion, lacquering and coloring. It belongs to resistant wood types. The oak wood parquet is classified exclusively in 4 classes:


Without greater variance in colour, no bent wood grain variations, without knots and without sapwood. Light discoloration is allowed.


Light discoloration is allowed, bent wood ring completely visible, tiny knots of natural wood color, without sapwood.


Unequal color, tiny healthy knots and ingrowths allowed, sapwood allowed, no fissures and no worm tracks.

Out of standard

A class which is not subject to the standard, but in our case there are no worm tracks and the geometry is perfect as it is in the previous classes.