In order to follow the world trends when it comes to the machines we use in our parquet factory, and therefore the dimensions that are according to European and world standards, we decided to 2013. over the years, we have improved our parquet line. The New Schroeder parquet machine is the most advanced model produced in 2013. in Germany, immediately put into operation with us in Grakom, in December 2013.

The name of the manufacturer of this machine – Schroeder, speaks for itself. In the machinery used for the production and processing of Parquet, Schroeder already has its status and is certainly one of the leading companies that have been producing the best and most accurate products for generations. mašine.Za unlike earlier models, the new machines are controlled by computers, which means that their tolerance is reduced to a minimum, in other words, the precision is maximum and therefore the scrap is insignificant, of course, provided that the frieze from which the parquet is made is of high quality.

Considering that within our production we produce and dry 80% of the frieze that we further use for Parquet, we really take care of the selection of wood, so that it is adequate and that we have as little growth as possible. All of this leads us to the result that when a client buys our parquet, it has the maximum use of slats.

It is important to note that we dry our Frieze, i.e. semi-finished product for the production of Parquet, in the most modern way, in the highest quality dryers, and immediately after the drying process we also perform conditioning, i.e. equalization of moisture in the slats. The aim is to achieve approximately identical moisture in each slat.

Conditioning is recommended from 8 to 12 hours and we do it for 48 hours in order to ideally equalize the moisture, and thus prevent drying as well as opening the Fugue, which otherwise can happen.Another feature of the New Schroeder machine is that the number of employees is significantly reduced on it, which saves time and therefore the number of squares of Parquet produced per hour or, say, in one shift is drastically increased compared to before.

Finally, the most important thing is to say that the new machine has achieved the perfect quality of processing, the precision is maximum, the geometry is ideal and when the parquet is set, the hobbing and schlepping that follows is reduced to a minimum. The parquet can be arranged more beautifully, and the finish is much easier.

We produce, and our customers get the perfect parquet in their home.