In addition to providing the market with the highest quality oak and ash parquet for years, and offering briquettes for firewood and all types of Oak materials, technologically equipped and personnel-trained leader in the production of Parquet on our market, GRAKOM SN will offer the market the highest quality prepared, oiled and ready-to-install floors in a few months.

Flexibility in business is, without a doubt, one of the conditions for survival on the market, and this is best shown by the example of GRAKOM Sn from Belgrade, a company that has turned 22 years of existence these days. In that period, this private company, adapting to market conditions, has changed its work program several times, and in the last ten years, dealing with wood processing, with permanent investments and development, GRAKOM SN has become a leader in the production of oak parquet on this market.

“We have been successfully and for a long time in the production of elements for export and it works perfectly. Every year, we increase sales by about 20%. This year we made the decision not to export semi-finished products anymore, but to start with the finalization, so in a few months we will have a fully prepared final product, oiled floors ready for installation. We will make them in two thicknesses, 20 and 15 mm and they will be able to be placed on floor heating – explains Nenad Ničević.

It should also be said that there are enough certified raw materials, we have contracts with JP Vojvodinašume and JP Srbijašume and we have no problems there. Last year, we had a FSC certificate.We have certificates for all classes of parquet floors, and as soon as we enter the production of floors, we will also do certificates for floors. We have precision machines that will bring wood processing to perfection, we have nice packaging, and we will try to make everything else appropriate to our previous practice, that is, in the production of floors, in a few years, we will be what we are now in the production of parkrt. GRAKOM SN plans to equip a representative showroom in the new hall, for the construction of which the project has been prepared, and the space, they say, will be enough, because with the current and newly built, the production space will almost reach 5,000 square meters. In addition, it is planned to invest in two more dryers of NIGOS, as well as in some other projects.

Mirjana Ničević spoke about the certification of the production process and marketing plans:

– My brother has already noted that since last year we have FSC certificate, which is extremely important for the export of products to the European market. This means that the standard of production of all our products is automatically raised, but also the interest of customers. There is a growing interest in foreign customers. Some new ones have contacted us themselves, and the big houses we have worked with so far now have an even better opinion of us. About 60% of our revenue comes from far as marketing is concerned, we are constantly working in this field as well, because in the public needs to be present in different ways. It’s a very well known concept, so we’ve just created a new website. Our goal is to follow trends in electronic forms of communication. As a liquid company that fulfills its obligations on time, we are a desirable comintent to all banks, but for our business it is important to point out that we have excellent cooperation with ProCredit Bank.after all, we try to cooperate with all our business partners and the environment in general as much as possible – says Mirjana at the end of our conversation.

Obviously, by building his own company, Slobodan Ničević managed to build his successors as well. His son Nenad has been here for a long time and has mastered all the secrets of this business, and at the beginning of last year he became the director of the company. Daughter Mirjana joined the family company immediately after completing her studies. Created on the family tradition and leaning on the family structure, such companies have a solid basis for development and success, but in work and mutual communication there must always be a level of tolerance, trust, mutual understanding, respect and respect. It is also important to know who decides what, who does what and is responsible for what odgovara these rules are obviously an integral part of the business of GRAKOM Sn from Belgrade, where work and order rule, but also a kind of simplicity and unconditional spiritual peace. This impression will certainly be borne by every visitor of this company whose foundations were laid and the business path was traced by Slobodan Ničević. There was no doubt that his support and support was in the family. You can clearly see that.