The colors of the parquet can make your room look smaller or larger, appear lighter or darker, exude heat or cold. Therefore, be careful when choosing parquet for your space and think in advance about all the elements that affect its final appearance.

The lighter tones of the parquet can make your room look brighter and larger. If you do not like minimalism and a space that seems cold, combine darker furniture with light parquet, for example, made of wood and leather. This will give the space warmth and beautifully match with light parquet. Choose the warm, gentle colors of the walls and you will be delighted with the result.

Darker parquet will allow you to play with the colors of furniture and walls and get an original space. Avoid elements that are in the same or similar shade as Parquet, if you do not want your space to look uniform.

All other shades will fit brilliantly with a darker parquet, just blend them with each other and enjoy your home. There’s also the option of combining. In any case, think about the characteristics of the space you have, the furniture you want, the colors of your walls and choose your parquet from the Grakom SN range.